DVD The hidden truth of World War II

  • DVD The hidden truth of World War II
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3 DVD The hidden truth of World War II

In this dvd box we recount the moments of key battles in the European and Pacific theattres through the use of recently unearthed photos that were taken from high above the killing grounds. Aerial reconnaissance aircraft captured images of the desperate action below, now these original high-resolution images have been layered over a three dimensional contour map creating a unique perspective on the battle. For over 60 years these photographs have remained lost, or forgotten....until now.

Cutting-edge technology, unique archive film, re-enactments and extraordinary interviews with the men on both sides of the battles contribute to a fresh look at the war, as seen from the air as well as by those in the thick of the fighting. In THE HIDDEN TRUTH OF WORLD WAR II the stories of the world's most ferocious attacks, climatic battles and ultimate victories vividly come to life.

The individual documentaries included are: 'Battle of Berlin', 'North Africa', Luzon', 'Peleliu', 'Monte Cassini' and 'Sicily'.

Aantal dvd's : 3
Totale speelduur : Ongeveer 255 minuten
Taal : Engels gesproken, GEEN ondertiteling

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